This is the book of which there is no doubt
It changed centuries of world history in 23 years
it uncovered the mysteries of life and made men shed tears
erasing worldly fears
putting the focus on eternity and what our hands have put forth
in Paradise with serenity or in dwelling in Hell’s scorch
it takes you from darkness to light, a torch
guiding us along it’s straight path
escaping the wrath in the aftermath
giving your heart a bath
cleansing it from evil and corruption
teaching self-correction
by nurturing a deep connection
of love for it’s author
making hearts softer
in recognition of the realm of the sublime
a place without time
not poetry, yet filled with rhyme
defining the purpose of life
seek knowledge and marry a pious wife
raise a generation built on strong faith,
patient through struggle and strife
embody the message and invite all others
to be believers sisters and brothers.
Abu Majeed

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