Sexuality in Islam

In the Name of God Almighty to who all praises and gratitude are due. Islam is the comprehensive system of life revealed by God Almighty to guide mankind to live in harmony with righteousness and order amongst themselves. The pinnacle of the Islamic society from all sides is to be completely obedient to The Almighty serving Him to the best of our ability. Since God Almighty created man, then he obviously knows best the natural disposition and general functioning of His creation. This empowers him to make the laws for him, commanding what is good for him and forbidding what is harmful to him. Just as the maker and designer of the first computer was the best to make directions about how to use it correctly.
When we say the “Islamic law” we are referring to the law that God Almighty laid out for His servants through his final revelation to mankind which consists of the Qur’an and the example of His Final Prophet. The purpose of this law is to protect man’s life, religion, family, wealth, and honor giving them the opportunity to live in peace and justice with the least bit of turmoil possible. In Islamic Law, God has clearly laid out the guidelines concerning the issue of sexuality in accordance with our inherent nature.
He created us all from Adam and Eve (male and female). And it is well known that the act of sex is designed to be between a male and a female. This has nothing to do with religion because it is a scientific fact. The man was created with a specific organ that connects with an organ in the woman. Then at the climax of sex he emits a liquid which fertilizes the egg which is found in the woman’s organ which the male has entered. Then a baby is created from this fertilized egg. This process of conception is impossible to occur between a male and another male or between a female and female. Therefore the act was meant to be between a man and woman. Consequentially, this act is forbidden in Islam.
God says about the people of Sodom and Gomorrah in the time of Prophet Lot-
“And we sent Lot and he said to his people ‘Do you approach such an immorality that no one has done before you?’ Indeed you approach men with desire instead of women. Truly you are a transgressing people.”(Qur’an 7:80-81)
Now that we have established who sex was intended for scientifically and religiously, we must discuss the conditions in which they may engage in such a beautiful union designed by the Almighty for mankind and their propagation.

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