Compare between the two courts and give me your opinion?!

Compare between the two courts and give me your opinion?!

When people feel they are oppressed they go there, they say that's the only place where they can get their rights back, sometimes you don’t want to go but your oppressors send you many invitations cards to attend the fantastic sessions! So you have to go.

A huge building, educated people are managing it, and they give it the name of "The Court of Justice" We even call it "The Palace of Justice". Glamorous! Right? Let's just enter to have a look on what is happening in this wonderful palace.

Once you enter you will find out that you are guilty, you will be shocked to realize that you’ve been sued by your oppressors even before you thought suing them! And why are you guilty?!

In our courts you're guilty until you prove you're innocent.

In our courts if the judge is a righteous man then he is always worried of oppressing people, not sure about his judgments, and he's always finding ambiguities. If the judge is not a righteous person then get ready to be oppressed!

In our courts the witnesses are lairs.

In our courts the juries are conspirators.

In our courts the lawyers are treacherous. Expect your own lawyer to go against you.

In our courts everything is crazy! This is the court of misery.

But there is one court of justice, ONLY ONE, don't believe people who say the courts of Justice are many, with all respect I tell them, the only court of justice is only the Court Of The Hereafter.

In that court as long as you are not a sinner then you are innocent, pure, and respected.

In that court the Judge is Allah, and His judgment is always fair, so don't fear, He loves you and really cares.

In that court the Witness is Allah, so you cannot deny and at the same time you know that nothing more or less than what really happened will be said.

In that court if you are really guilty then no lawyers accepts to defend your claim, even the parts of your body will go against you. And who dares standing as a lawyer for you in front of Allah and start defending you?!

But wait! Have you repented before death?! If Yeah!
Then Alhamdulillah!
Only in tht case there is a lawyer who doesn't only accept to defend you but also likes to defend you because He just loves you. Don't fear in that court Allah has chosen to be your lawyer. He accepts your repentance and erases your sai'ats and even replaces them with Hasanats.

There in that court; your Judge is Allah, your Witness is Allah, and your Lawyer is Allah.

This is a message for the "victorious" oppressors:

O you who have done so much oppression! You think game is over?! You are mistaken! It has just begun, it's just that you are blind and you cannot see or maybe because you are plotting in the dark you're afraid of the light and your darkness prevents you from seeing! Enjoy your victory in the court of this life, and I'm giving you the glad tiding of losing everything in the Court of Justice of The Hereafter. Tell me who is going to help you on the Day of Judgment?

And this is a message for the oppressed people: say it with your heart:

O Allah, I've believed in you. O Allah you are the Judge, I've admitted my sins and my shortcomings and I've repented to you from them and you are The Best Witness. O Allah I just want to ask you: Please be my lawyer on that Day.

Lastly, I'm looking forward to meet some bad people there, just for the sake of seeing their facial expressions when Allah looks at them!!!

Many people died before taking their rights. That was the end of the play of their lives... How awful!

STOP SAYING THIS! The play hasn't finished yet! In reality the play has reached its second part, the last part that will make the rules and put everything in its right place. The play has begun and its end will be so pleasant for the good people!

I'm speaking to you from here, from this world, I haven't travelled to the next life yet but I know what will happen because it is the promise of Allah that will be fulfilled.

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